Back Off, Back Pain!

CBD for Back Pain

CBD is the most sought-after natural medicine on the planet right now and it is here to stay.  CBD is being praised for its ability to combat and relieve a variety of illnesses and ailments.  One such condition that CBD has been lauded for relieving is pain; especially back pain.

How Does CBD Help with Back Pain?

Research suggests that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps because inflammation is a common factor in those who suffer from chronic back pain.  CBD also has analgesic, or pain relieving, qualities.  Studies have also shown that, in addition to reducing inflammation, CBD eases anxiety that can arise due to chronic or long-term back pain, and it promotes and supports health sleep patterns and supports an overall state of relaxation.

You can find CBD for back pain in many forms, but, patches, topical creams and gels have shown the most promise for reducing inflammation and neuropathy, which may make them a good option for back and neck pain. We, at The Hope Connections, have a variety of CBD products that can help you combat back pain.  In fact, we believe our products are the best CBD for back pain on the market.

CBD Options for Back Pain

We have partnered with CBD Living to provide the best quality CBD pain relief.  Our CBD pain patch uses the CBD Living reservoir patch technology that works as a fiber reservoir to evenly disburse the water-soluble Nano CBD, which allows the CBD to penetrate the skin with delayed release.  This transdermal CBD patch disrupts the skin barrier safely to allow the Broad-Spectrum Nano CBD to penetrate the skin and last as long as 96 hours.  Each patch contains 60mg of Broad-Spectrum Nano hemp extract; medical grade adhesive for safe and long-lasting application; they are latex free; and hypoallergenic.

As excited as we are about our CBD Pain Patch, we understand that the patch may not be everyone’s first choice. We were looking for a natural way to support recovery from pain that can be induced by exercise, joint pain that may be due to aging, deep tissue or muscle pain, and other pain-causing illnesses. Our salve/balm is created from beeswax, organically grown hemp, infused with essential lavender and eucalyptus oils which potentially alleviates negative effects of pain. Our salve/balm is a grease-less, odor free topical ointment that is light and dissolves quickly into the skin. Each container contains 500mg of CBD.

If you, or someone close to you, suffers with back pain, shop our variety of high-quality CBD products to help soothe and relieve back pain right here at The Hope Connections!

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