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CBD has quickly become the most sought-after natural and holistic remedies on the market.  However, not all CBD companies have their customers’ best interests in mind.  They care very little about the quality of their products and education of their customers and care more about lining their pockets with the money of uninformed consumers.  We, at The Hope Connections, believe that this practice is unethical.  We pride ourselves on educating and providing the highest-quality CBD products out there.

About The Hope Connections

Our mission is to educate people and break the negative stigma that is often associated with CBD and to get people started on the path to total body wellness.  We are not just another CBD manufacturer, but rather an alliance and a trustworthy source for knowledge and products to help you combat pain, anxiety, and depression.

Our company was founded by Registered Nurse and Certified Cannabis Consultant Eunice Bowie, who wanted to provide relief to those who were struggling to find treatment and comfort for various illnesses and disorders.  Watching her patients suffer through pain, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, coupled with her military veteran husband’s understanding of the burden of PTSD, were the driving forces behind forming our business.

CBD Lozenges at The Hope Connections

CBD companies keep researching new and inventive ways to deliver CBD to the body.  One of our favorite ways is via our CBD Lozenges.  Our CBD lozenges are sold in a box of 12 bags and each bag contains 4 lozenges.  Each lozenge contains 25mg of full-spectrum nano CBD and are available in cherry and green apple flavors.  Our CBD lozenges are vegan and contain no GMOs. 

What is Nano CBD?

Whether you are new to CBD or have been using for years, a new term recently began popping up in the industry that is piquing the interest of CBD enthusiasts.  Nanotechnology is a highly scientific process that breaks down CBD molecules by 4440%.  The idea behind this technology is that if you shrink the particles and break apart the compounds, the CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream and reach the liver faster.

CBD is what is called lipophilic, meaning that it is an oil-based compound that is not water-soluble.  With the human body being nearly 70% water, deductive reasoning would infer that we could have a hard time absorbing CBD.  Consider pouring oil into a glass of water; it’s not going to mix well.

When the CBD is broken down by nanotechnology, it is able to react differently with the water in our bodies. By breaking the CBD molecules down to nanoparticle size, the CBD attaches more easily to the lipids and water molecules, allowing for quicker absorption of the CBD.

We, at the Hope Connections, are so passionate about CBD, its healing properties, and its evolving presence in natural medicine.  Winter is coming and, with that, brings the possibility of sickness. When those sore throats creep in, combat them with CBD lozenges from The Hope Connections!

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